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Border Collie

Age when rescued:



Gotcha day:

5 July 2021

Daisy Blossoms in Her New Home!
We're thrilled to share the heartwarming news that Daisy, our gentle and affectionate furry friend, has found her forever family! Daisy has been adopted by the Parker family, who were captivated by her sweet nature and soulful eyes from the moment they met her.
Since joining her new family, Daisy has been thriving. From leisurely walks in the park to cozy snuggles by the fireplace, Daisy is soaking up all the love and attention she deserves. With each passing day, her playful spirit shines brighter, bringing endless joy to her new home.
We're immensely grateful to the Parker family for opening their hearts and home to Daisy, providing her with the love and care she needs to flourish. Their kindness and compassion have transformed Daisy's life, and we couldn't be happier to see her blossom in her new environment.
Congratulations, Daisy, on finding your forever family! May your days be filled with love, laughter, and countless adventures as you continue to spread happiness wherever you go.


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