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We are a 100% VOLUNTEER run charity which means as much of the money raised as possible goes into rescuing the dogs.  

We primarily rescue dogs from the UK  & Ireland and re-home them into Jersey.  A small number of our dogs are re-homed to the other Channel Islands as well. 

We rarely use kennels, with most of our rescues cared for in foster homes, meaning we can assess them more comprehensively and also begin any needed training.  This also helps to keep our costs down. 

We provide lifelong care for dogs with special requirements in home environments.  The majority of these live in our 'Sighthound Sanctuary'. 

We offer temporary foster / care to pets when owners are ill or circumstances change.  This gives a life line to owners who would otherwise have to give up their animals.  

We supply oxygen pet masks for our local Fire department in case the worst happens and an animal needs oxygen after smoke inhalation from a fire.



Would you like a new family member?


We are always in need of temporary foster homes - can you help?


All donations are gratefully received. Click below to find out now.

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