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Milo, Ellie, Elvis, Lily

As some of you may not know we lost 4 of our beautiful dogs on the 18th Feb 2016 in a fire at Alison and John's home.


Lily, Alison's beautiful little girl who was so loyal and calm. She was the first dog at the sanctuary 8 and a half years ago.


Baby Ellie was only 10 weeks old and had recently arrived in Jersey looking for her forever home.


Elvis, our 3 legged blind greyhound who had been through so much but still loved life and enjoyed having a run on the beach.


Milo, a gentle and sensitive boy. He came to this island as a pup with 2 of his siblings, who still live on the island.


We will always remember you.

A fire which killed four dogs at a rescue home is believed to have been started by an overheating iPad charger.

Two lurchers called Mylo and Ellie and greyhound Elvis died at the scene of the devastating blaze thought to have been sparked by the Apple device .

Another lurcher named Lily died a short time later and three further dogs needed life-saving treatment from vets.

A total of 17 animals were caught up in the fire at the Jersey Dog Rescue home run by devastated owners Alison Le Feuvre and John Garnier.

The surviving pooches are now being cared for in temporary accommodation.

But fire investigators have now confirmed the cause is suspected to be the i-Pad charger that is believed overheated while plugged into a kitchen socket.

Two fire investigators spent several hours excavating the scene, interviewing the occupants and carrying out electrical tests.

The seat of the fire was located around a double plug socket at the back of the kitchen work surface where an iPad Air 2 was on charge.

A spokesman said: "Having eliminated all other accidental causes the most likely cause of this fire was a faulty iPad Air 2 charger which overheated starting a fire."

Chief Fire Officer Mark James added: "This is the first time we have attended a fire caused by an Apple charger in Jersey.

"Although these types of fires are rare our advice is not leave devices charging for long periods of time and to turn of chargers when they are not in use, when you leave your home and when you go to bed."

The blaze swept through the kitchen of the Jersey Rescue Dogs home which sent smoke pouring through the rest of the property.


Distraught Alison Le Feuvre said she had just returned from re-homing a dog on Thursday evening when she discovered the fire.

But she praised those at the scene for trying to save the animals .

She said: "Everyone was amazing and worked really hard to save the dogs.

"The emergency services, passers-by, neighbours and our vets did everything they could.

"The dogs were given oxygen but unfortunately they all died."


Mr Garnier thanked everyone for their support and said that three others that were injured during the fire were now recovering well.

He said: "We have been overwhelmed by the support and how people got together in a crisis to help.

"In the coming days we will be working together to plan our next steps after this terrible accident.

"In the meantime, we should be most grateful if you would bear with us during this very difficult time."


Martyn Maguire, group commander at the Jersey Fire and Rescue Service added:


 "There were a lot of dogs in the property and we, along with paramedics, the owners and vets worked very hard to save them.

"They were given oxygen and fortunately a number of dogs were saved.

"However, three died at the scene and another one died later."


Smokey Paws 

Did you know your pets need their own oxygen masks?

So with such a tragic day we had to do something positive and make sure that every pet on the island has a fighting chance

With thanks to Ana for buying the first pet oxygen mask set and Jersey Village Vets who amazingly sponsored the remaining 6, all of Jersey's Fire appliances now have pet oxygen mask sets on board. Jersey is now on the Smokey Paws charity map. Thank you Ana, Jersey Village Vets and The States of Jersey Fire and Rescue Service and Smokey Paws for working with us to make this happen.

Memorial walk

We are feeling incredibly humbled and grateful for the support from so many people today. For so many of you to turn in out in such miserable weather is just testament to what fantastic people you are. Thank you to Kelly Nash for organising the walk and super goodie bags that were kindly donated by Pets Paradise.

We also received donations from those who were unable to attend, thank you. We loved seeing such a mixture of dogs and hope you are all dry and snuggled up at home now. A fantastic total of £767.07 was raised!

Thank you to the very talented Rebecca Marett for making and donating the brilliant dog cake, and thanks to all who bought raffle tickets. A great total of £168 was raised!

Further thanks to Roisin for donating a famous ‘flea’ toy and arranging a mini auction. Thanks to all who made bids and Sue Hamon for such a generous winning bid of £60!

So all in all you wonderful people a whopping great total of £995.07 has been raised. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

£90 will buy another pet oxygen kit. £452.53 will be sent to the Animal Health Trust specifically canine cancer research and the remaining £452.53 will go towards the costs of our new this space.

Today was all about celebrating the lives of our special canine friends, those who are with us and those who have passed.

Thinking of you Lily, Elvis, Milo, Ellie, Misty & Lewis.❤️🐾❤️


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