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Home Trial 

Sammi - On Trial

Age: 2-3

Breed: Jack Russell

Background: A stray from Ireland, found with 2 siblings.

Feeding: 2 meals a day.  Has dry complete food, but never says no to a little extra treat on top.

Sleeping: Currently in a crate in the lounge and settles well. 

Toilet training: Not fully house trained. With regular visits to the garden Sammie will do her business where she is supposed to. Her new home needs to have someone around to help reinforce her good habits.

Walking/Exercise: Sammie loves being out and about.

Children: Sammie loves attention whether that be adults or children. She liked the children she met whilst in kennels. She could live with children 5 and over.

Other dogs: Sammie loves the other dogs and does enjoy play fighting. She is usually the underdog, but happily goes back for more.


Cats: Not yet tested, but gut feeling is a no.

Other info:  Sammie is a great all round dog. She loves attention and would love to be someone's lap dog. She will equally take herself off to snooze on her own. She can be a little timid with raised voices but is easily won over with food. She is a pleasure and easy to have around.

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