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Age: 2 years approx.

Breed: Lurcher. Best guess deerhound X saluki

Background: Found as a stray in Ireland

Feeding: Loves his food. Has 2 meals a day. Dry biscuits with  wet meat from time to time. Is always up for treats.

Sleeping: Sleeps in fosterer's bedroom.

Toilet training: Is house trained and is not a scent marker. 

Walking/Exercise: Polo does enjoy his walks but is fearful of noisy traffic. He is much more confident indoors than out and this will need to be worked on. He needs a decent garden where he can have a lark around and someone prepared to take him to secure places for any off lead runs. It would be a good while before we envisage him off lead on your average walks.

Children: 10 + He is a bit of a clumsy goof and could potentially knock younger children over.

Other dogs: Is currently in foster with other dogs and playing is high on his agenda. He's not the best at reading cues from other dogs and thinks a telling off is a game. He loves his Jack Russell foster sister but they do play rough. He would love a dog companion, but they would need to be tolerant of his playful ways.

Cats: No, not tested but would be too rough.

Other info: Prior to coming to Jersey, Polo was a stray and had a tough few months. He'd been hit by 2 cars and had a fractured pelvis. He was on the run for 3 weeks in which time his pelvis had begun healing itself but slightly out of line. He was caught and rehabilitated by his guardian angel Gill. He was on pain relief but no longer needs this. You would never know the difference now when you see him run and play. This would account for his nervousness in the outside world.


Polo is a puppy in a big dog's body and as such needs the necessary guidance and training and would benefit from having someone round for most of the day. He has the potential to get bored and will need to be given appropriate enrichment in the form of challenges, treats and toys. He tends to be more active in the morning and quietens throughout the day to snooze in the evening.


On initial meetings Polo may be a little shy, but he soon comes round. He's a big goof and you cannot help be charmed by this overgrown pup.

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