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Our Volunteers 

Roisin Clare Kelly

I have been helping out at Jersey Rescue Dogs for nearly a year now. I love being involved with the wonderful team of people here, and seeing how these dogs grow in confidence and eventually find their for ever families. I currently can't have my own dog, and being able to walk and have play dates with these beautiful dogs is a great help to me.

Cassie Horton 

II have known John and Alison for many years, having met them through my association with Greyhound Rescue Jersey. At the time I had Tom, a rather bonkers but stunning lurcher, who lived to the ripe old age of 16 and who cemented my love of sighthounds. Like Sarah, one of the other volunteers, I was bereft when my beloved boy went and so began my journey with Jersey Rescue Dogs. I play a small part in their efforts to rehome dogs who, quite often for no reason of their own, are left wanting – be it a loving and eternal home or just someone to show them a little kindness. I work full time so help with fundraising when I can at weekends or even if it’s just to do the poo run during my lunch hour! I have assisted with socialisation of new dogs and even looked after two of the Sanctuary Girls, Lucha and Sadie, when John and Alison went on holiday – oh the joy of having a dog in the house again! I enjoy meeting potential new owners at events and seeing once timid and fearful dogs blossom into confident and glossy animals under the loving care of a new owner is one of the best things ever. The JRD community is like a family. We care about the dogs and their owners. We give our time and love to JRD but we get back so much more in return.

Sarah Lane

We lost our dog in September 2017. Even though he'd been ill for about 18 months with a heart murmur and it had progressed, his death was sudden, a great shock and it left an enormous hole.

To begin with we all felt we could never have another dog, but over time it became clear that our house needed a furry, family member to make it feel better. Our dog had been of great comfort to us and knowing we needed a furry fix the first step back was a conversation with my best friend. She suggested Alison and Jersey Rescue Dogs and for the first time in a while I felt excited and my children were very keen so the following Saturday JRD were up at Ransom's and Alison suggested we pop up and say hi. We did just that and stayed until it was time to pack up. There was this fabulous mix of dogs, they had collected that week and homes needed to be found. The backgrounds were varied and whilst Alison and others hadn't actually fallen off the boat and into Ransom's that day it wasn't far off that. It was clear this was a dedicated cause with kind souls offering their free time to bring comfort and hope to our four legged friends when their hope had all but run out.

It was clear immediately that we could not foster as our jobs and school would mean periods of time when no-one was at home and these dogs need more than that but we could offer to walk the dogs, offer our free time to man events and help fundraise with plenty of dog cuddles mixed up in between.

Alison and her people have rescued us too and we will continue to support Jersey Rescue Dogs in any way we can for as long as we can

Sue Hamon 

I had heard from a friend , Kelly, who is a volunteer, how hard Alison worked for the dogs and the major setback and tragedy when they had a fire and some dogs didn't make it. I'm retired and already help Company of Dogs in a small way, and this seemed so very worthwhile that I wanted to get involved and to help in whatever way I could. Very rewarding.

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