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10th Nov 2017


It is with great sadness that we bring you the news that our gentle giant Ben lost his fight with his illness today. He suddenly deteriorated this morning and after further blood tests and X-rays and in consultation with our vet we knew the kindest thing was to let our boy slip away peacefully with no more suffering.

To say we are all gutted is an understatement. After months languishing in kennels Ben deserved so much more time to enjoy his home comforts. It is with massive thanks to his foster Mum Ana and foster Dad Rondel that he had the best 2 months of being pampered and loved.

Those who came to our birthday celebration last Sunday most likely met Ben. He was such a socialite doing the rounds and trying to get birthday cake. He had the biggest smile and had a spring in his step after recent treatment. This is how we want to remember him, loving life as a JRD dog.

Taking you under our wing was a privilege. We will never forget you Ben. Rest In Peace big fella. 🐾❤️🐾

You may have spotted 'Big Ben' in our line up of new arrivals yesterday. Thanks to everyone who shared our appeal for him. It was a close thing but thanks to Anne, Beth and Ana we got this fabulous boy to Jersey and into foster. Never have we met such an incredible gentle giant. Thanks to his foster Mum Ana and the Fairy Dog Mother Ben has enjoyed some pampering today.🐾😍🐾

We learnt last night that another JRD girl gained her wings. RIP Gypsy. What a fantastic girl you were. Thank you Mike and Gill for taking on an older girl. She had the best 4 years of her life with you. XXX

Today our thoughts are with Mia and her family and all who knew this special girl as she makes her final journey. Run free Mia. Thank you to Mia's family who gave her the best life. XXX

We are truly saddened to update you that Jessie has now gained her wings. It was discovered that she had liver cancer which was not treatable.
We are devastated for Jessie and her family that they didn’t get more time together, but are so grateful that they found each other as they clearly adored each other. Our thoughts are with you Mark, Amanda and family. RIP Jessie. XXX

Special girl Jo-Jo gained her wings this morning and our love and thoughts are with her family. Jo-Jo has quite a legacy. If you have homed an Irish dog from us then it’s thanks to Jo-Jo. The September before the dawn of our charity in November 2007 we brought Jo-Jo over from Ireland for our friend Nikki. This was the realisation of all the dogs in Ireland that needed help. We haven’t looked back since. Sleep tight Jo-Jo, we will never forget you. XXX

Without a doubt it’s been a sad start to the New Year and yesterday we received the news that another special little guy Monty had grown his wings. 

We are truly devastated for Monty and his Mum as they had only shared their lives for 16 months, but boy did they pack in many adventures and we know Monty by far had the best 16 months of his life. 

We feel Monty and his Mum were cheated as Monty was only 5 1/2 and it seems so unfair. As is the case with humans, sadly cancer in dogs is also indiscriminate. 

We thank Paula from the bottom of our hearts for everything she did for Monty, he couldn’t have had a better Mum. Our thoughts are with you Paula at this heartbreaking time. Rest In Peace Monty. ❤️🐾❤️

Our big beautiful boy Lewis has been taken from us this evening due to bone cancer. On the eve of our walk, of which some of the funds are for canine cancer research we cannot believe the irony.

I’m sure you’ll agree our Lewis was a handsome fellow and an incredibly gentle boy, though it wasn’t always the case which is how he came to stay with us. 

He was a stray from Manchester and was put in a kennel at the pound with a mix of dogs and was attacked. We think this lead to some of his behavioural issues but with time and patience he became a laid back, sofa hogger who would give a fuss to everyone he met.

He had a life of lameness due to racing injuries that weren’t treated at the time and we did what we could to fix his leg.

On Boxing Day he became lame on a hind leg, with the discomfort seemingly coming from his hip. We had X-rays done thinking the worst, but they came back clear - the relief! 

This afternoon, lower down his leg a swelling was evident. This time we received the news we feared. With John and I by his side our boy slipped peacefully away to be free from pain. Thank you to Robyn and Catherine from Jersey Village Vets for giving Lewis a comfortable and dignified send off.

We will walk tomorrow in your honour Lewis as well as your brothers and sisters. Rest In  Peace big boy. We’ll never forget you. XXX

16 June 2018

It is with a heavy heart that I write what should have been a happy post welcoming Lady to Jersey. We’re just so desperately sad that it’s not the case.

Lady was an older rottie girl who we were delighted to be helping - we love our oldies. Andy and Caroline kindly brought Lady to us on Thursday at our UK HQ. What a cracking girl, I was smitten and she already had a fan club waiting to meet her in Jersey.

Late last night completely out the blue Lady began fitting. Thanks to Anthony we managed to get Lady to the vets but the fit didn’t respond to the treatment. We wanted to give Lady every chance, we so wanted to shower her in love after the recent sadness she’d suffered and see her enjoy our beaches and get lots of Ana cuddles - but it just wasn’t meant to be.

On the vets advice we let Lady slip away to be free from suffering. She left this world being loved, albeit far to briefly by me (Alison) and I hope she is now reunited with her Dad. Just maybe they couldn’t be without each other?

Lady what an absolute treasure you were. A true ambassador for the rottie breed. I would have defied anyone not to fall for you and your gentle ways. I’m so sorry we never got to spend more time together. Rest easy now. XXX 

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