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Guinness - Available

Age: 8

Breed: Border Collie

Background: Came from England. In a home where illness meant he wasn't getting the exercise he needed

Feeding: 2 meals a day, dry with a spoon of wet meat. He enjoys his food and treats and will help himself to human food if left too close to the edge of the counter!

Sleeping: Currently sleeps at the side of fosters parents bed.

Toilet training: Very clean, has not had an accident in the house. He used to taking himself out to toilet and uses a dog flap.

Walking/Exercise: Guinness enjoys his outings and does pull on the lead and needs a harness. If he goes off lead he needs to be entertained with a toy otherwise he will go off and amuse himself as he does have a wonderlust and has the potential to do a disappearing act. He is not a dog that will stay by your side off lead as some might expect of a collie. Without a managed situation, Guinness is not reliable off lead. We can advise on this and hope it doesn't put people off.

Children: Guinness can live with children over 8 years old. 

Other dogs: Guinness currently lives with a mixture of dogs and gets on fine with all dogs that he meets. He doesn't particularly interact with them and would choose playing with a ball rather than playing with another dog.

Other info:  Guinness needs a garden which is 100% secure. If there is the slightest gap in a hedge he would find it! He has no health problems. As he approaches his twilight years he really deserves to be in a home of his own.

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