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On Trial

Age:   1- 2 year old.

Breed:   Collie

Background:  In Jersey 

Feeding: Has 2 meals a day. 

Sleeping: Sleeps in her own bed.

Toilet training:  Clean in the home. 

Walking/Exercise: Loves her walks and needs an active home

Children: Great with kids 5+

Other dogs: Great with dogs 

Cats: Can live with a cat

Other info: 

Freya is on the look out for a home. Found as a stray in Ireland she is thought to be 1-2 years of age. She’s proving to be a real love bug. She adores human attention and will need an active home.

As with many collie’s she is very ball focused so a great candidate for flyball. She will see other dogs’ balls as fair game, so this must be remembered when out and about. She enjoys playing out in the garden and a secure garden, minimum 5ft fencing is a must.

Freya is in foster with other dogs and a cat. She is also comfortable with children 5+. She will need a home where she has some company whether that be another dog or someone around for some of the day. A gem of a girl. Her foster family speak very highly of her.

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