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Finn on Trial

Age:  8 months old, as of 27.07.18

German Shepherd X

Background: Originally from Romania was homed by a UK rescue on the island, sadly the home didn't work out.

Feeding: Has 2 meals a day. Mainly dried food with occasional wet as a treat. 

Sleeping: Sleeps in his own bed in foster's bedroom.

Toilet training:  Needs continued guidance. He is clean if taken out periodically, but  does not ask to go out. 

Walking/Exercise:   Walking by people and some noisy vehicles can be scary for Finn. When scared he will pull. For this reason he is walked in a harness with front and back lead attachments

Children: 13+

Other dogs: Needs to live with another dog to help with his confidence. He's non reactive when he sees dogs out. Indoors he loves to play and will choose a rough and tumble with another dog over toys.

Cats:  Not tested

Other info: 

We weren’t expecting this cheeky chappie to land on our door step! Hasn’t he got the best ears?

People can be a bit scary for Finn until he knows them so lots of kindness and patience are required for this lad. He loves his food so this will help with his training. Being a pup he will need continued guidance and training.

Finn is currently a little underweight. He must know this so will help himself if he sees anything tasty in his reach!

He’s clean in the house if taken out regularly and can be left for an hour or two. He definitely gets confidence from the other dogs so another canine companion would be ideal. He won’t be homed with younger children. Teenagers + will be considered. 

Please don’t be blinkered by Finn’s gorgeousness! ❤️ He is a pup who has adolescence soon to follow. He will need time and effort devoted to him. If you are interested in offering him a home do think carefully whether you are up for the challenge?

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