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On Trial

Age: 1 as of July’18

Small-medium crossbreed

Background:  From a pet home in Wales. Rehomed due to a change in circumstances

Feeding: 2 meals a day of dried food

Sleeping: In foster’s bedroom or down stairs

Toilet training: Is fine if you’re with her and let her out frequently but she will not ask to go out. 

Walking/Exercise: Enid is very energetic. She will need both ample mental and physical exercise and would be a great candidate for obedience or agility. She walks on a harness and can be a bit of a puller.

Children: She is used to being around children in her previous home. She does jump up so we would say children aged 5+.

Other dogs: She is fine in foster with other dogs and likes to play with others that are willing. Out and about she will pull towards other dogs and gets excited. She will react to dogs that grumble at her. 

Cats: Not tested yet

Other info: 

Other information: Enid can be overly attentive and submissive. She’ll wiggle and wrath with submission. At times this can result in a mini wee trickle. She can react like this if you go to stroke her and make a fuss of her, when you put her lead on or ask her to wait for a meal. Clearly she finds such times a little scary. Already this behavior is subsiding as we help her understand that she has nothing to be fearful of. Enid needs guidance as do all puppies as she approaches her teenage months. Ideally she needs someone who is around to reinforce her good toilet habits. She’s a lovable youngster who will just want be be your best friend.

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