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Dogs Looking For Homes

You will only find our long term dogs who are looking for homes on this page.  Any other dogs looking for homes can be found on our main Facebook page 'Jersey Rescue Dogs'


We are currently welcoming speculative applications where you can detail the characteristics and personalities of dog(s) you are looking for.   


Please note that most of the dogs we are currently helping are lurchers or greyhounds.  If you are not able to consider one of these breeds, there may be a longer wait to find your perfect fit - although we never know what dogs we will be asked to rescue next. 

Both lurchers and greyhounds make excellent family members and we encourage you to research into the breeds before discounting them.  They love their home comforts, don't require huge amounts of exercise and are very loving, gentle dogs.  As most are short haired, grooming is minimal - although it is important for their nails to be well cared for and trimmed regularly.   Many lurchers and greyhounds can live happily in flats as well as houses - although particularly for greyhounds, stairs can be tricky (at least at first).  They may be taller dogs but they curl up small so can easily share the smallest of sofas! 

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