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Age:  4 years old.

Breed: Lurcher.

Location:  In foster in the UK

Feeding: 2 meals a day, dried biscuits. 

Sleeping: Sleeps in his own bed.

Toilet training:  Clean in the home. Needs to toilet straight after a meal. 

Walking/Exercise: Enjoys  his walks.

Children: No children, a quiet house hold only

Other dogs: He’s in foster with other dogs and ideally needs to live with a multi dog house hold so he can follow their lead.

Cats: Will not be homed with cats.. 

Other info: 


About Jojo

Jojo is looking for a very special home. His new owners will need to have experience of living with a fearful dog. Humans worry Jojo and his new people will need to win his trust and will need a lot of patience while doing so. We are talking many months if not years and we don't know if Jojo will ever fully trust his humans. He has never been aggressive, he submits and just melts into the floor which is heart breaking to see.

Jo feels more comfortable outdoors and will play bow and play nip which is just lovely to see. Indoors he likes to hide away when the humans are around, more recently from time to time he will lay in an open area in another room. We know from camera footage that as soon as the humans leave he's out and up on the sofa lording it.

Jojo is in foster with dogs both large and small. He needs to be with confident dogs to show him the ropes but dogs that aren't too bolshy as they add to his worry.

Jo copes well out on walks, quieter areas without too many people are preferable. He will never be an off lead dog, you would never see him again. He walks in a Ruffwear escape proof harness.

Todd is housetrained and clean in the house so long as his routine is followed ie putting him out to toilet straight after his meal. He is not an indoor scent marker.

Jo will never be your stereotypical family dog but if you would find it rewarding helping a very worried boy making slow but steady progress and get a buzz as you help him overcome his fears then you could be just the kind of human(s) he needs.

Jo's home and garden will need to be VERY secure.

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