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Charlie Pup


Age: 5 Month old.

Boarder Collie

Background:  In Jersey 

Feeding: Has 2 meals a day. 

Sleeping: Sleeps in his own bed 

Toilet training:  Clean in the home. 

Walking/Exercise: Loves his walks and play

Children: 5* 

Other dogs: Great with dogs

Cats: Can live with confidant cats

Other info: 

Little Charlie enjoys spending time exploring new things and having lots of fun with his toys.. Charlie is looking for a family who understand the demands of taking on a working breed ( Collie.). 

We can appreciate that this young boy is very cute, but please remember border collies are very active and highly intelligent breed that when board can be very destructive. Charlie will require all his basic training and will need to attend puppy training classes.

Border Collie Exercise Needs


Border collies require more outlets for their high energy levels than you can provide by tossing a ball in the yard or taking her on a brisk walk around the block. Herding and Treibball both are high-energy activities that your border collie can enjoy. Agility is another dog sport that is dominated by border collies. Indoor training facilities are fairly common, making it possible for many urban dogs to participate in agility training. Agility is a strenuous sport, so very young puppies cannot participate in much of the contact training or jumps. However, they can get started learning the required sits and stays, and can learn how to go through tunnels and chutes.

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