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The following is information we have received so far. Once we get to know the girls we will update their biography.

Age: Both 7 years old.

Breed: Miniature pinscher crosses.

Background: Being rehomed from England..

Feeding: TBA

Sleeping: TBA

Toilet training: Both are said to be fully house trained.

Walking/Exercise: Both thoroughly enjoy their walks and are excited when their leads come out and will jump up. They pull initially and then settle down. With their current owner they both go off lead and have excellent recall.


Children: Are used to living with children.

Other dogs: Are sociable with other dogs. Daisy was once bitten by a dog but this hasn't changed her friendly attitude towards strange dogs.


Cats: Have been brought up around cats.

Other info: Mimmi is the black and tan girl and Daisy is the red. They  both love attention and cuddles and would sit all day on their owner's lap if allowed. 


They are happy in each other's company and could either be rehomed together or separately as long as they went to a home with another resident dog for company.


Daisy has a hernia which has never caused any problems, but this will be dealt with when she is speyed.


They have no issues being left alone at all as long as they are together.  They are not great travellers as get car sick. They are better if they can be sat safely in the front of the car.

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