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Charlie On Trial

Age:  4 year old.

Wire haired JRT

Background:  In Jersey 

Feeding: Has 2 meals a day. 

Sleeping: Sleeps in his own bed 

Toilet training:  Clean in the home. 

Walking/Exercise: Loves his walks

Children: 8+

Other dogs: Ok with some dogs

Cats: Cant live with cats

Other info: 

Charlie is lovely lad who is always happy to see you, he adores his home comforts especially his cosy bed. Charlie travels well in the car and is very relaxed on his lead walks. 

Charlie does like his own space at times, especially when he's resting so the new family will need to take this on board and give him time to settle.

Charlie can be picky when meeting dogs he isn't comfortable with bouncy big to medium size dogs this will have to be carefully managed/supported by his new family when out on his walks, although he could potentially live with a small dog he would need to have a few meets and greets before moving in. 

Charlie is on a long training lead on his beach walks until he’s more settled, he does have selective hearing but he doesn’t tend to wonder far.

Charlie is a charming little lad with plenty of love to give and always eager to please. He’s an intelligent lad who knows some of his basic training commands, he’s looking for a family who are committed to carrying on with his training to help him reach his full potential.

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