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On trial

Buzz - Available

Age: 3-4

Breed: Lurcher - possibly greyhound, saluki mix. Is the size of a small female greyhound

Background: Came from England. Found as a stray.

Feeding: 2 meals a day, dry with a spoon of wet meat. Enjoys treats.

Sleeping: Currently sleeps freely in the lounge.

Toilet training: His toilet training has been coming on well. No number 2 accidents. But has had a couple of scent marking wees. He may well try to scent mark initially in a new home. He has a belly band to prevent this causing any problems.

Walking/Exercise: Buzz enjoys his walks. You know he's on the end of the lead but it's manageable.


Children: Buzz could live with children 5+ but care would need to be taken with food as he is partial to helping himself.

Other dogs: He's fine with the majority of dogs. He wasn't overly keen on a long haired GSD he met. He lives with a mix of large and small dogs and is fine with them.


Cats: He hasn't been tested with cats.

Other info: Buzz was very underweight when found and could do with putting on some extra weight as he's still quite ribby. He knows he needs to put on a few pounds and will help himself to food left out on counters!


He's a friendly loveable soul who likes to keep you company whatever you might be doing. He enjoys playing with the other dogs and likes toys. Given half the chance he liked to be a lap dog - he hasn't yet realised his size. He is gentle though and does not jump up.

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