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Angel On Trial 

Age:   11 month old.

Breed: Gr
eyhound with a mix of whippet, saluki and collie.

Background:  In Jersey 

Feeding: Has 2 meals a day. 

Sleeping: Sleeps in her own bed or foster mum's bed.

Toilet training:  Clean in the home. 

Walking/Exercise: Loves her walks and great off lead

Children: Great with kids 5+

Other dogs: Great with dogs 

Cats: Not tested yet

Other info: 

Angel is a clever, fun, loving girl who thrives on company and loves her home comforts. She has been clean and non-destructive, though is a food thief if given the opportunity. Time being left will have to be built up gradually. She does settle eventually but will pace and be a little vocal at first.

She loved her 11 year old male human in her UK foster home and could live with children 5+. She would enjoy the company of another dog or dogs.

Angel is very wary of men, she shows no aggression, just backs off and will take a wide birth. Any males in the household would need to allow her time and patience to learn to trust them.


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