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How we began 

Jersey Rescue Dogs was founded back in 2007 by Alison Le Feuvre. Since her childhood Alison has always had a passion for whippets having spent the first 15 years of her life with Pip the whippet. In her teens and twenties along came Saturn, Tristar, Oscar, Magic and Mariner the whippets - all adopted from the JSPCA.

Alison met her husband John Garnier in 1989 who by coincidence shared her love of pointy nosed hounds. John had his own whippet Black Jack and Alfie the whippet pup joined the family.

They had the sighthound bug and upon learning about the plight of the retired racing greyhound Alison and John adopted their first greyhound Jake in 2002, closely followed by Tootsie, Harlea, Wiz, Sonny, Paddy, Zoe, Elvis and Lewis.

The dawn of the internet opened Alison’s eyes to the world of sighthound rescue and Lily the whippety lurcher, a stray from the north of England was their first true rescue dog to join the family in 2007.

Sighthound Rescue Jersey was born and in the early years the focus was on sighthounds from the UK and Ireland, but a mix of breeds were rescued, fostered and homed along the way.

After many conversations trying to explain the rescue wasn’t for partially sighted dogs and the fact that more different breeds were being helped the rescue changed it’s name to what we know it as today – Jersey Rescue Dogs.


Ten Years on

Ten years ago today ( January the 8th 2018 ) our 1st 2 Irish girls arrived. Misty (at the front) and Lucha. We celebrate 10 years of fun and cheekiness. Happy 10th Gotcha Day girls.

Misty has been my most faithful travelling companion and we’ve slept in many a supermarket car park waiting to collect rescue dogs in the early hours. The most memorable being waking up to find THE Christmas Coke lorry parked alongside us.

We were recently devastated to be told that Misty has a very aggressive tumour and we are now at the stage where every day is a bonus and I write this message through tears.

On Tuesday John and I have a rare day off together and we are going to have a ‘Misty day’ along with my Dad whose life Misty has been a big part of too. She will have her favourite food, favourite walks and basically whatever she wants....most likely more food! We will share Misty’s special day with you.

PS We’re going to take Lucha too, but 🤫 don’t tell the others.



Jersey Rescue Dogs 10th Anniversary 

We couldn’t have chosen a better way to celebrate the charity’s 10th Birthday than sharing it with many of the dogs we’ve homed, their owners, friends and supporters. It was so lovely to see you all, thank you so so much for making the day so special and memorable. 
Today was never about raising funds it was about us treating you, all the same we had many kind donations - thank you. 💐
Special mentions go firstly to Andy and Vicky from the Seymour Inn for hosting our event and making us and our 4 legged friends so welcome. 
I’m sure you’ll agree how amazing the cakes were, the human cake was made by Babs, the time and effort put into making our logo out of icing is incredible, plus it was very tasty. Thank you so much Roisin for organising cakes for the dogs and to Aunty B for baking them. They didn’t touch the sides! A big paws up for sure.🐾 Lucy from K9 Wellness so very generously donated goody treat bags for the dogs as well as donated a whole box of dog this space for a Christmas raffle - thank you Lucy.
The cameras were snapping away, thanks Liam and Zeff, we look forward to seeing all your photos. Finally thanks to Jen for organising the event. 
We hope you all enjoyed yourselves as much as we did.😊



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